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Cal-Royal CR6000 with RFID Proximity Card Capability

Grade 1 Heavy Duty Digital Touch Screen Door Lock

For Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Apartments, Condo Units, Hotel/Motel, Residential, Commercial, and Public Buildings

  • Meets or exceeds requirements of BHMA/ANSI A156.2 Series 4000, GRADE 1
  • Easy Installation & Programming
  • Master Code
  • 3 Manager Codes
  • 1,000 User Codes (Combined RFID & User Pin Code)
  • 3 Service Codes
  • Passage Mode
  • 4-6 Digit Code Combination
  • Weather Resistant
  • 9V Battery
  • Anti-Tamper Lockout
  • Lock-Out Mode
  • Clutch Technology
  • Non-Handed Reversible
  • Touch Screen
  • Wake-Up Button
  • Proximity Cart (13.56 MHz)
  • RFID Keyfob
  • User Friendly
  • Master PIN Code - Use for programming the lock and entering Manager and User PIN codes. Can also be used to open the lock and reset to factory settings.
  • Manager PIN Code - Use to open the door with lockout mode. Also functions like a User PIN code. This feature can also program 3 one-time user codes.
  • User PIN Code - This feature only opens the lock by entering the code on the touchpad. It won’t be able to program or change settings. This lock can accommodate up to 1000, 3 to 6 digits combined RFID and User PIN codes.
  • One-Time User PIN Code - Can only be used once. This lock can store up to 3 one-time User PIN code simultaneously.
  • Passage Mode - Enabling passage mode allows continuous entry for non-restricted traffic. Passage mode can either be enabled or disabled by the Master Pin code. When in passage mode, the unlocked padlock icon will appear on the screen.
  • Beep & LED Indicators - These indicators can either be programmed for different settings. This feature is useful in making sure that every keypress was successfully entered.
  • Lock-Out Mode - This feature can either be enabled by the Master or Manager PIN Codes. When enabled, it restricts all User PIN codes access except Master and Manager PIN codes.
  • SMART Card
    • Compatible with existing MIFARE infrastructures
    • Operates at 13.56 MHz in accordance with ISO14443A
    • Inductive distance up to 1 3/16”
  • Touch Screen Anti-Tamper Lock Out - This function will auto shut off the lock if an invalid code is entered 5 times in succession to prevent tampering.
  • Weather Resistant - CR6000 are manufactured making sure that internal electronic parts are protected from moisture, dust, water, and corrosion.  All models are weather-resistant for temperature ranges of 30○F ~ 150○F (-35○C ~ +66○C).
  • Wake-Up Button - Pressing this button activates the number pad. Enter the PIN code when while the number pad is illuminated. This button is also used to quit programming mode.

 (IC) Indicates function available with BEST, FALCON & ARROW Interchangeable Core.

  • APPLICATIONS For offices, schools, hospitals, apartments, condo units, hotel/motel, residential, commercial, and public buildings.
  • DOOR RANGES 1 ⅜” to 2”.
  • BACKSET 2 ¾” standard or 2 ⅜” optional backset.
  • LATCH FACEPLATE Standard 1 ⅛” x 2 ¼” for 2 ¾” backset. Optional 1” x 2 ¼” for 2 ⅜” backset.
  • STRIKES ASA Strike standard, T and full lip strike available on request.
  • ANSI STANDARDS Certified ANSI / BHMA A156.2 Series 4000 Grade 1 requirements.
  • CLUTCH Clutch technology allows turning of lever without retracting the latch, thus prolonging the life of the lock by reducing stress on the spindle and other parts.
  • PROXIMITY CARD (STANDARD) Compatible with existing MIFARE infrastructures. Operates at 13.56 MHz in accordance with ISO 14443A. Inductive distance up to 1 3/16”.
  • CYLINDER 6-pin solid brass “Schlage C” keyway standard with two brass keys per lock.
  • RFID KEYFOB (OPTIONAL) Operates at 13.56 MHz in accordance with ISO 14443A. Inductive distance up to 1 3/16”.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE CORE (IC) Interchangeable Core locks will accept compatible 6 or 7 pin cores with BEST and FALCON. Prefix “IC” before part number.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT All models are weather-resistant for temperature ranges of -30○F ~ 150○F (-35○C ~ 66○C).
  • TOUCH SCREEN Responds to human touch enabling convenient entrance or access to the programming menu. After the operation has been completed, the lock reverts to sleep mode.






Recommended for Experienced Installers

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