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HPC CodeMax® Key Cutting Machine

Experience powerful computerized code cutting with CodeMax™

​​Put the power of a computer in your code cutting with the CodeMax® Machine. Based on the industry standard Blitz™ Machine, the CodeMax®, introduced more than 25 years ago, is the original computerized code machine. The CodeMax® has an internal computer chip that contains Depth & Space Data (DSD) for more than 950 different lock types, plus a micrometer function in both inch and metric formats. This allows it to cut virtually all standard vehicle, commercial, residential and furniture keys throughout the world. All models of the CodeMax® are equipped with a shoulder gauge safety switch. This feature ensures the shoulder gauge is out of the way before you start cutting a key.

On the Automatic Angler model (No. 1200MAXAA), the cutter pivots automatically to cut high security angle keys, such as Medeco®. Simply enter the depth and direction of the angle and the CodeMax® AA does the rest.

The total power of the CodeMax® is realized when you connect it to your PC. All machines come with a 25-foot (7.5m) 9-pin serial cable for easy connection to your computer. With HPC Software, the CodeMax® Machine becomes an integral part of your computer system.


  • With CodeSource® code retrieval software, creating an original key is as simple as looking up the code on your computer and downloading it to your CodeMax®.
  • Downloading master key systems from MasterKing®, insuring error-free key cutting.
  • The ability to interrupt that master key job to cut another code key, and easily return to the master key system.
  • Automatically keep track of new keys created when using
  • KeyTrail® key management software. Please refer to the Software Section for complete information on all of our programs.

With optional equipment CodeMax® can cut:

  • Assa V10/Twin®
  • Corbin/Russwin
  • Emhart® Interlocking Pin
  • Medeco® Biaxial®, Commercial®, KeyMark® and M3 Freedom
  • Sargent Degree
  • Schlage Primus®
  • Flat Steel Safe Deposit Keys and others

CodeMax® is a sound investment in your business and it will quickly become a vital part of your lock shop.

Manufacturer Videos

Cutting by DSD

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Codemax Manual (PDF)

Codecard Cross Reference

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