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PDQ Mortise Lock - MR176 Privacy

The PDQ MR Series Mortise Lock is a Grade 1 commercial door lock made in the USA. The J Wide Series Trim covers previous fastener holes when replacing other brands of mortise lock.

The MR176 is a Privacy function lock featuring thumbturn locking. The lock can be opened from the outside with a coin. The inside push button can be released by turning the inside lever.

  • Non keyed
  • Latchbolt operated by lever from either side
  • Emergency coin turn outside unlocks outside lever
  • Thumbturn inside locks/unlocks outside lever
  • Closing door unlocks outside lever
  • Rotating inside lever unlocks outside lever

We also offer the MR Series Mortise Lock in several other functions - Entrance/Office, Classroom, Apartment/Corridor, Storeroom and Passage. Compare Functions.

We carry four lever styles (see photo) and four handing configurations:

  • LH: Left Hand - from key side, hinges are on your left and the door swings away from you.
  • RH: Right Hand - from key side, hinges are on your right and the door swings away from you.
  • LHR: Left Hand Reverse - from key side, hinges are on your left and the door swings toward you.
  • RHR: Right Hand Reverse - from key side, hinges are on your right and the door swings toward you.


  • Assembled in USA, meeting the requirements of the Buy American Act
  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
  • Windstorm Resistant
  • 12 ga. Heavy Duty Alloy Steel Case
  • Single Cam for All Locking Functions
  • Four Compression Springs Eliminate Sagging Levers
  • Independent Single Retractor Hub
  • Stainless Steel Stop Works, Deadbolt, Latchbolt, Deadlatch and Armor Plate


  • FOR DOORS: 1-3/4"
  • BACKSET: 2-3/4"
  • CASE: 12-gauge cold rolled steel mechanism, dichromated for corrosion resistance
  • ARMOR FRONT: Beveled 1/8" on 2"
  • STRIKE: Handed Curved Lip Strike
  • LATCHBOLT: 3/4" Throw, Investment Cast Stainless Steel, Anti-friction
  • DEADBOLT: 1" Throw, Investment Cast Stainless Steel
  • TRIM: Stainless steel escutcheon and levers


 Satin Stainless Steel 630/US32D

Installation Challenge Level

Recommended for Experienced Installers.


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Type: Mortise Lock

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