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PDQ 7101 Heavy-Duty Door Closer Accessory: Hold Open Arm

Hold Open Arms for PDQ Door Closers fix the door in an open position. They are helpful when the entryway needs to accommodate high traffic over time or when pedestrians are carrying objects and need an unobstructed path. Applications might include store front doors, glass front entrances, interior shopping mall doors and other similar applications. An important note: hold open arms can only be used on non-fire rated doors. Friction hold open arms are available in all three mounts—regular, top jamb and parallel arm. Friction hold open arms allow the door to be automatically placed in the hold open position until the user puts force on the door to disengage the friction hold and cause the door to close. A friction hold open arm can be used with the standard template of the door closer; it’s a simple replacement.


 Aluminum 689/SP28

 Duro Bronze 695/SP313

Installation Challenge Level

If you can read instructions and use basic tools, you can install this. Read more about Door Closers.

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