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HPC KeKab® Key Storage

HPC’s Keyable KeKab® eliminates the problem of how to control the key to the key cabinet. This line of cabinets allows you to add your own mortise cylinder, which can be keyed the same as an existing door or included in a master key system. The Keyable KeKabs are equipped with a heavy-duty back plate and cam, and are designed to use any standard 1" mortise cylinder. Longer cylinders can be accommodated using spacer rings. The mortise cylinder, keys, and spacer rings are not supplied with this cabinet. Add convenience and security to the storage of your keys with the Keyable KeKab®.


  • White Plastic Key Tags with bright nickel plated snap-hooks which can hold multiple keys on each snap-hook. The tags are numbered for easy identification.
  • Durable Steel Key Racks that are slotted to store key tags uniformly for immediate identification.
  • "Out Key" Control Tags that are made of yellow paper. They are used for accountability (to record information on loaned keys).
  • A Numbered Key Control Booklet for lock location data.
  • Unique powder textured painting process which provides an attractive and very durable finish. The neutral sand color allows them to be hung anywhere.
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction with piano hinged doors and key panels provides a sturdy location to secure your keys.

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