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Falcon 8200 Automatic Operators & Switches Bundle for Vestibule

Everything you need to add a Falcon 8200 Automatic Operator to 2 doors in a vestibule

When you need a smart solution to improve handicap accessibility the Falcon 8200 Series from Allegion fits perfectly. This bundle gives you everything you need to add accessibility to a vestibule (one single switch outside each door and one double switch in the vestibule):

  • (2) Falcon 8200 Automatic Operators - 8231 Pull-side Mount or 8242 Push-side Mount
  • (2) Single 6-inch Round or Square ADA Switches
  • (2) Single 6-inch Round or Square ADA Switch Surface Mount Boxes
  • (1) Vestibule ADA Switch
  • (1) Vestibule ADA Switch Surface Mount Box
  • (4) 433 Mhz Wireless ADA Transmitters
  • (2) 433 Mhz Wireless ADA Receivers

Designed to fit perfectly

When you need a solution to improve accessibility and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), don't sacrifice performance for appearance. Instead get the performance you expect with the beauty, value and versatility you want by using the Falcon 8200 Series automatic operator. Designed for applications like assisted living and ambulatory care, where ease of use for physically challenged persons is critical, the Falcon automatic operator provides solid performance at a solid price. Everything you need is right in the box, making installation quick and easy. All necessary features are built right in, so configuring the closer is simple and you can easily make more openings more accessible than ever.


  • SmartLatch - Senses and overcomes external perssure conditions with a graduated energy assist for secure latching.
  • Push'n'Go - Selectable feature allows door to open automatically as soon as it feels pressure.
  • Open Position Learning - Automatically sets the opening position to eliminate wall and door damage.
  • Obstacle Obstruction Detection - Safety feature stops and reverses door direction when distress or an obstruction is sensed.
  • Pre-Load Strike Assist - Removes load on strike lip with a one second delay allowing the door to release and automatically open.
  • LED Light Illumination - Light illumination on control box signals accurate installation and helps with connection diagnostics.

Wireless Button Features

  • Dependable & Responsive 
  • Easy to Install
  • Buttons - Cover Plates are Type 304 Stainless Steel in Brushed Satin Finish US32D(630)
  • Surface Mount Enclosure Boxes in Black ABS Material
  • 433 MHz Wireless Products are known for advanced rolling code technologies for
    high security application, improved range and longevity
  • 433 MHz Transmitters for each Switch
  • 433 MHz Receiver for each Automatic Operator
  • Pre-wired for quick installation
  • 9 volt batteries included

Operator Specifications

  • Header length - 26"
  • Mounting - Surface Mount
  • Handing - Non-handed
  • Cycle Tested - 1 million gear box



Installation Challenge Level

  Very Challenging
Recommended for Experienced Installers.

Manufacturer Videos

Installation Instructions

Falcon 8200 Installation Instructions (PDF)

Installation Instruction for ADA Switch (PDF)

Programming the SWTRAN433 (PDF)

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