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ABH 6100 Hospital Push Pull Latch for Existing 161 Prep Template

The ABH 6100 Series Push/Pull Hospital Latch is specifically designed for retrofit application with an existing 161 prep or in new construction when drilling additional holes for thru-bolt mounting is undesirable.

The ABH 6100 Series Push/Pull Hospital Latch is a sleek and durable solution for commercial and institutional applications. They are designed to allow a door to be opened with an easy push or pull action. The handles can be mounted up, down, or sideways.

This item normally ships out within 2 weeks.

  • Lock and functions identical to 6000 series, except all mounting hardware goes through the standard 161 prep and does not require any addition door prep for installation (no additional four thru-bolts holes)
  • Cylindrical latch application - passage function
  • 1-3/4" standard door thickness (specify if different)
  • Meets ADA requirements
  • Trim is mounted using four thru-bolts for maximum stability
  • One continuous spring provides a smoother operation and an extended life for the unit
  • Non-handed for installation and stocking ease
  • Trim can be mounted vertical or horizontal (with handles pointing toward hinge edge of door)
  • Handles can be mounted up or down by simply rotating trim 180°
  • UL Listed in U.S.A. and Canada for use on door fire rated 90 minutes or less, up to 4'0" x 8'0"
  • 1/2" Latch Bolt Throw
  • Patent# 6,196,599 & #5,730,478

US32D Satin Stainless Steel

US10 Satin Bronze

US10B Dark Bronze

US26D Satin Chrome Plated

US4 Satin Brass

US26 Bright Chrome Plated

US3 Bright Brass

US32 Bright Stainless Steel


  • All Stainless Steel Components
  • Security fasteners for all exposed screws
  • Lead provided to cover cut-outs made in lead-lined doors
  • Anti-microbial clear coating applied to handles and covers
  • Copper/Nickel Natural Anti-microbial metal alloy provided for handles and covers
  • Hip Paddle for Push Side Only
  • 6" Solid Extended Handle (Specify Push or Pull)
  • Aluminum Slip-On Handle Extension
  • Exit Only plate on push side & standard Push/Pull trim on pull side
  • Exit Only plate on pull side & standard Push/Pull trim on push side
  • Security Plate for Exit Only to prevent latch tampering
  • Push/Pull Trim on pull side and Asylum Knob on push side
  • Push/Pull Trim on push side and Asylum Knob on pull side
  • Flush Mount Asylum Trim
  • Junior Cover 3-1/2" x 2-3/4"
  • Round Covers

Installation Challenge Level

Recommended for Experienced Installers.

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