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ABH 1000 Series Concealed Mount, Heavy Duty Overhead Holder - Friction

The ABH 1000 Series with Friction Function – Most commonly used on doors without closers. Door will stay held open at the selected degree of opening. Friction tension adjustment screw controls the amount of resistance when opening and closing the door.

Overhead holders and stops are used to prevent unnecessary damage to the door, frame, wall and other door hardware by limiting the degree of door swing. They are installed at the top of a door opening; therefore, out of the general reach and not a tripping hazard. Whether for commercial or residential application, the use of overhead holders and stops extends the life of the opening and other hardware.

This ABH Mfg. product is similar to products from Rixson, Sargent, Dorma, Glynn Johnson, and Rockwood. See the Cross Reference Chart in the ABH Catalog (under Downloads, below) for more information.

This item normally ships out within 2 weeks.

  • Concealed mount
  • Heavy duty
  • Stop, hold-open and friction functions available
  • Single or double acting doors
  • Non-handed
  • For Interior or exterior use on frequent traffic and heavy weight doors
  • Standard installation from 85° to 110° of opening (5° increments)
  • Shock absorbing spring provides 3° to 5° cushion before dead-stop
  • 1-3/4" minimum door thickness
  • UL Listed as Miscellaneous Fired Door Accessories for use on wood fire doors rated up to 90 minutes and metal fire doors rated up to 3 hours (Stop Function Only)
  • Base material for jamb brackets, arms and channels is stainless steel
  • Average weight per unit = 6 lbs.

US32D Satin Stainless Steel

US10 Satin Bronze

US10B Dark Bronze

US26D Satin Chrome Plated

US4 Satin Brass

US26 Bright Chrome Plated

US3 Bright Brass

US32 Bright Stainless Steel

S1 Painted Aluminum

S2 Painted Brass (to match US4)

S3 Painted Bronze (to match US10)

S4 Painted Black

S5 Painted Dark Bronze (to match US10B)

S8 Painted White


  • All Stainless Steel Components
  • For use with cam lift hinges (1/2" lift maximum)
  • Hold-Closed
  • Lead-lined
  • Less Spring
  • Non-ferrous fasteners provided In lieu of standard fasteners
  • Security Fasteners (Specify Door & Frame Material)
  • Threaded pivot screw & nylon washer in lieu of standard jamb bracket
  • Special door thickness (see catalog for standard door thicknesses for each respective model)

Installation Challenge Level

Recommended for Experienced Installers.

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