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HPC Fleet Security Large Key Vault

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Keep the keys where they're needed.The HPC Fleet Security™ Large Key Vault is a flush mounted key vault designed to secure a vehicle key where it is needed most... on the vehicle.

Keep your keys secure.The HPC Fleet Security™ Large Key Vault has extra capacity for large-bow keys. It is permanently attached and concealed on the body of the vehicle in your choice of locations. The container is made of Delrin, a unique thermoplastic substance that is weatherproof and will never rust. The solid steel door is held tight by a high-security 1/2" (12.7mm) tubular lock and is equipped with a metal dust and moisture cover.

The HPC Fleet Security™ Key Vault becomes part of your vehicle and under normal wear and tear will last longer than the vehicle itself.


  • Convenient concealed key storage
  • Inconspicuous design
  • Solid steel security door
  • Weatherproof Delrin body will never rust
  • Installs in minutes and lasts forever!

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